Cookie emoji eating another emoji

is a

this is my new new new new website. it is different from the other ones since it's no longer just some dumb static files.

who are you

I is cookie. I am in a lot of places.

how'd you get the name "cookie"

I have no idea, it's changed a bit over the years but I don't remember why I picked the c o o k i e specifically.

talk to me!

i am online way too much. maybe send an email?

this site

this site has no index listing. as you explore, the content will change with you. not yet

what do you do

Sometimes I make things. This website is being served to you with a few thousand lines of Rust since I wrote a good-enough-for-me parser for Org Mode.


Yes. Things. Mostly Rust, TypeScript and Nix. Here's this site.